• Reese Phillips II

New poll shows alarming coronavirus vaccine skepticism

Lack of trust in a potential coronavirus vaccine is becoming a truly major problem, according to a new Harris poll shared exclusively with Axios.

By the numbers: 79% of respondents said they would worry about a vaccine's safety if it's approved quickly, and 75% said they worry about politics — rather than science — driving the process.

Our thought bubble: This is an unprecedented process to control a new virus. It's essential that people have confidence in the tools that will help us end this pandemic — and it's essential for that confidence to be warranted.

President Trump's continued promises of imminent authorization and rapid distribution clearly aren't helping, even though the quick discovery of a safe and effective vaccine would, in fact, be the best-case scenario.

Yes, but: 54% of those polled said they'd get a vaccine as soon as they can, and 58% of parents said they'd get their kids vaccinated as soon as possible.

More Info: https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-vaccine-polls-d739b4aa-d875-470f-88c6-d15212b6f3d5.html

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